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Well, today, Adventists for Progress (AFP) officially debuts online. And, as such, this website welcomes you all. (All apologies for the lack of “ooh-aah” fanfare befitting the debut of any website new to the scene.)

Anyway, over the next following days, weeks, months, and (hopefully) years, it is AFP‘s hope that it will be an engaged partner (mirroring the erudite substance and the intellectually conversant style of the old journal of liberal Christian thought, Christianity and Crisis) with others, in and outside the broad Seventh-day Adventist Left community, in forging ahead toward the future in defining what it means to be an Adventist, Christian, and progressive in an interconnected, global 21st century age. An age that is facing a confluence of some of the most daunting challenges confronting humanity in the last 30 years: the environmental crisis gripping the world, the rising tide of social inequality of today’s new Gilded Age, and the public’s deepening distrust with the failed institutions of authority in both political and civil life.

Now with all that out of the way, the only thing left is to simply state a few words: Let’s begin.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have long been waiting for the Progressives SDAs to become many, to be able to count with a community of like minded individuals and ideally, organizing in the form of support/social/worship groups in different areas. I myself tried to create a Social Network called Progressive SDAs but I guess it is not my strength to push for such ambitious project. I am at awe with this site, I hope this brings us together and help us organize in organic spaces where we can say We Are Not All Like That, and welcome all the outcasts that the traditional Adventism has historically rejected. Again, thanks for this initiative, I am very excited to see what may come next as a result of this project. God Bless.

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